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Services Offered

Service Calls

Have an electrical issue? We can help!  Our knowledgeable team of electricians can solve your electrical problems.  We will come diagnosis the issue, suggest solutions and then fix the problem upon customer approval. From faulty outlets to tripping breakers, we will get the issue fixed and put your mind at ease.


Have an electric vehicle or thinking about buying one? We can help you charge it! We have been installing ALL major brands since 2010, including: Tesla, Bosch, Juice Box, Clipper Creek, Charge Point and many more. We'll evaluate your electrical panel, file required permits, register the installation with your manufacturer, help you determine most efficient placement, and install your charger to proper code safety regulations.

Recessed Lighting Installation

Modern, recessed lighting updates the look and feel of your home with minimal investment. Even adding a dimmer switch allows you to customize your lighting effect for any activity and raises the value of your space. Let your home's beauty shine with our vast knowledge of professional recessed lighting designs, installed at a quality that supersedes its price.


Generator Installation

A power outage can cause you to lose heat, well water, hundreds of dollars’ worth of food in your fridge and freezer, disable medical equipment, your security system, and more! Stay out of the dark with a backup generator to keep you up and running even in the worst weather.

Panel Service and Upgrades

Your home's electrical panel controls the power for daily conveniences such as heating and cooling, lighting, and electronics, but faulty or worn-out panels can be dangerous and leave you in the dark. We are more then equipped to service or install a panel on your property. We even offer emergency service for any issues with your panel!


Roof Ice Melt Cabling

New England has some heavy winters that can wreak havoc on our aging homes. If you have any concerns about your roof, make sure you consider roof de-icing cable installation because no matter how much you insulate your roof, ice seems to find a way.

Ceiling Fan Installation

This is one of our most popular requests. If your looking for someone to hang a ceiling fan professionally, then we definitely got you covered.


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting is a must for many homes to stay competitively beautiful from their neighbors. Beyond the New England spirit it can also prevent you from tripping in the dark after a night out or a late day at the office. We have a plethora of options to install the right outdoor lighting your looking for, including automation and sensors for your outdoor lighting systems.

Appliance  Installation

We install wiring & programming for a long list of appliances and other WiFi/Bluetooth products.

Some draw a significant amount of electricity like air conditioning systems, ranges, furnaces, and even fitness equipment.

We know that not all  appliances share the same electrical requirements as the next. Make sure you get your next installation wired right to avoid any damages to your larger purchases.


Knob and Tube Inspections

We specialize in the removal and rewiring of older wiring, like knob and tube. We start off by performing a wiring evaluation that allows us to provide you with an in depth report of all the wiring  within your home. This will also be used as a tool used to advise you of what will need to be rewired to bring your home up to the National Electric Code. A knob and tube rewire can offer you the peace of mind you need to live safely and comfortably within your home.

Bathroom Fan Installation

Many New England bathrooms have outdated bathroom fans (or none at all) which can cause a long list of unnecessary damage to your home over time. Many customers come to us to get these issues corrected and we're here to help you with yours.


Surge Protection

Did you know that 80% of surges come from within your home? Here at Northern Lights Electric, Inc. we can install a multiple level approach to your surge protection needs. We start with whole home surge protection and from there install multiple layers to protect phone lines, cable TV lines and even specific outlets. With a complete installation your entire home can be protected from dangerous surges from small electronics to large appliances, well pumps and more.

Smart Home Installation

Upgrading your home to incorporate smart technologies is a great investment but some technologies still require wires such as Smart Thermostats or Smoke Detectors. Smart Home Security Systems also need to be installed professionally to prevent holes in your security. If you have a Smart Device you would like to install correctly that isn't mentioned feel free to ask us!

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