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Northern Lights Electric Your Certified EV Installer

Do you have an electric vehicle or are you thinking about buying one?

EV Charger Installation

We can help you charge it!


Northern Lights Electric simplifies the switch to electric vehicles and other electrical upgrades—our certified, licensed installers and office staff provide a seamless EV charger installation process. We have the experience to install all major brands including Tesla, Bosch, Juice Box, Clipper Creek, Charging Point and many more.


Our process is simple, we'll evaluate your electrical panel, file required permits, register the installation with your manufacturer, help you determine most efficient placement, and install your charger to proper code safety regulations. We Highly Recommend a level 2 charging station or outlet at 240 volts. Thankfully, all homes are already equipped with 240 volts as large electric appliances such as clothes dryers, A/C and electric ranges.


We’re accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels, towards a cleaner brighter tomorrow.

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Ready to setup your installation?

Tesla EV Charger
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